Connecting With a Long Lost Sibling

How amazing is this thing we call life.

Mine just got a little bit more interesting in a beautiful way.

I always knew I had a half older brother (who we share the same mom with but different dad) who lived in El Salvador. But I’ve never met him before, I’ve never talked to him before, nor I have ever seen a picture of him before. I just knew he existed somewhere out there.

My mom lost contact with all of our relatives in El Salvador a long time ago. My mom came to the United States when she was a teenager, around 35 years ago, and left behind her first born son with my grandma to care for.

We are first generation so we have no other blood relatives in the United States. All the family I knew was my mom, dad, my two brothers, and two younger sisters.

So I always wondered about my extended family. Always wondered about my oldest brother, how he looked like, if he still lived in El Salvador or if he ever came to the states. I always wondered.

But a couple of days ago, he found us, through my sister Daniela on Facebook. It is a coincidence because a couple of months ago, I asked my mom for his name so I can try and search for him on social media, but I never had any luck.

Daniela Texted me to let me know, so I rushed to search his name, and added him on Facebook. I couldn’t believe I connected with my oldest brother.

I couldn’t stop smiling while looking at pictures of my brother, grandma, aunties, and cousins in El Salvador! I never knew how they looked liked! It’s funny because I see a physical resemblance in myself with them. It’s truly amazing.

There is a tiny language barrier between us, but that’s okay, he is still my brother, my family, my blood. Hopefully one day we get to meet.

I am so happy we connected Macora F.

This world just got a little smaller β™‘





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