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Life with 2 littles

Seriously, where has the time gone? Time has definitely been going by fast since Korinne was born, and this little girl is keeping us on our toes!

It has been 5 weeks since our little Kor has joined our family, and our new life with two little girls so far is not what I expected.

To be honest, I was terrified to bring another little human into our lives. I thought it was going to be hard, I thought I was really going to lose my shit. But I do have to admit, I do have my good and bad mom days. But it’s really not that difficult, just very busy and very exciting.

Experiencing having a newborn again is amazing. Kor fits right in to our family, like she belongs here, it’s hard to imagine life with out her now.

Seeing Jo and Kor interact with each other makes me so proud as a mom!

Jovie sometimes is very jealous, but she is learning to be more gentle, caring, and helpful. I try to involve Jo with everything I am doing so she doesn’t feel left out, and that has been helping her also to be more of a caring big sister.

Kor loves staring at Jo as she talks, dances, and runs around the house, Kor even smiles at Jo more than she smiles at me. Kor is such a good baby. We’re so happy we get to see these two girls grow together, and relive childhood again through their eyes.

I have been stealing so many kisses and cuddles with Kor, I’ve kind of been smothering her lol. I know she is going to grow up fast just like Jovie did. Just looking at this 5 week old nugget always reminds me so much of the days when Jo was a baby, and I missed Jo as a baby so much! It is crazy that I’m now reliving those memories of Jo because of Kor, and it is amazing! I have learned to cherish every moment with my two girls.

Jack is such a good girl daddy. We always discuss about positively guiding them and being there for them as parents, so they can be the best they can be and have bright futures. We talk about teaching them to drive, encouraging them to take school serious, and think about how to deal with those rebellious teenager years they might put us through lol. He also reminds them of no dating until 30 lol.

As some of you know, Jack is a very busy man. This guy never settles for anything, and is always finding ways to improve/challenge himself. But when he comes home, it is all about the girls. Those three hang out in the evenings while I cook, clean, do errands, or just have some me time. These girls have an amazing dad. He’s very quick to love and spoil these girls and give them nothing but the best!

As for me, everyday I am so grateful for my little family. I have been taking it easy these past 5-6 weeks, but I am starting the Kayla Itsines BBG program this Monday!!! So I have been planning my meals, making sure I have the right workout clothes and shoes, getting the home gym ready, and figuring out the best time to workout with my two girls around their schedule. I’ll post more details about it later, or share more on my Insta (that I have been neglecting lol).

So there you have it, life with our two little girls is pretty busy but absolutely exciting. I feel so lucky.

Thank you all for reading! xoxo



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