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Korinne’s Birth Story 

As I “try” to type, I am holding her, looking at her dark grey eyes and tiny little hands in awe, she is just so so precious! I cannot believe she is already here. And I don’t know why, but I was so nervous to meet her. She is absolute perfection! Pure magic.

Korinne Noelle decided to make her debut 5 days past her due date, on Saturday March 18th at 9:28pm, weighing 7lbs 13oz, and 20 inches long! She is now 17 days old and that kind of makes me sad, I want her to stay tiny forever.

I wanted to avoid an induction as much as possible since it is a lengthy and a pain in the ass process, but I knew if Korinne didn’t come out in time, I would have to get induced at 41 weeks. So I did everything we can to start labor naturally, but nothing was working! I really thought this baby just didn’t want to come out, and that I was just going to get induced.


FullSizeRender 2

Okay, let me get to the story.

Two days before my induction, on Saturday March 18, I woke up at around 5am with menstrual like cramping, they were coming in waves at about every 10 minutes. I had a feeling labor was imminent, but I didn’t think anything of it, so I just fell back asleep.

Woke up a few hours later at 8am, and felt small painless contractions. Definitely not the usual Braxton Hick contractions I have been feeling, these were actual contractions that were starting.

I downloaded a contraction tracker app on my phone to track the contractions. I laid in bed tracking them for about 1 hour, and they were coming every 9-11 minutes. I got so excited that maybe today may be the day! And I was praying that they would come stronger and closer together (I know, crazy huh?) I was hoping that it wasn’t a false alarm or that they wouldn’t disappear on me.

It is now 11am and I told Jack that I was experiencing contractions. And he kind of freaked out. I kid you not, he rushed to shower, he got dressed in 1 minute, and packed his stuff so fast! Ready to leave for the hospital lol! I told him that we still have time, maybe hours until the baby comes and to calm his butt down lol. We weren’t leaving until these contractions were 5-6 minutes apart. So I took my time to shower and got ready (while Jack waited).

About an hour later, while I was trying to do my makeup, my contractions were getting uncomfortable. What’s weird is they were coming every 2-3 minutes. I thought to myself, “why are they so close together?” I assumed things were progressing fast. So I quickly finished to get ready, and we were off to the hospital at around 2:45pm.

We did grab some food on the way…McDonalds! I have the worst cravings for their chicken nuggets lol. I ate a tiny bit because I wouldn’t know when my next meal would be or how long I will be in labor for.

By now my contractions were back to being more separated, coming every 5-6 minutes, and I couldn’t talk through them, they were getting pretty strong. But as long as I focused on my breathing, they were bearable. I kept telling Jack to slow down while driving because every bump on the road made the contractions that much harder to breath through.

We finally got to the hospital at 3:30pm. The nurse checked me and I was almost 4 cm dilated. The nurse was even impressed with my breathing and how calm I was, but that eventually didn’t last lol.

FullSizeRender 16

FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 5

During the next couple of hours, I relaxed in bed, watched tv, and walked around the hallways for a bit while pausing with every contraction that hit. The contractions were getting stronger, and getting painful.

FullSizeRender 4

By 6pm the contractions came hard. It is very difficult to describe them. They felt like really bad menstrual cramps, lower back pain, felt like you were going to have diarrhea, it’s hard to breath like your lungs are being squeezed, stomach tightening, jitters, and lots of pressure to push…Imagine feeling this every few minutes.

FullSizeRender 3

I was trying to go as long as I can without an epidural, but I just couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I kept telling Jack, “I can’t do this, I cannot!” I was in tears, hysterically crying, begging for an epidural! My body felt cold and I was starting to get the shakes, I was trying not to freak out.

The anesthesiologists took about 30 minutes to come, which I couldn’t help it but was so angry about! Those 30 minutes felt like forever! So by 6:30pm I was 7cm dilated and got the epidural. The epidural numb my left side more than my right side, but I was okay on pain relief. I also used the lowest amount of pain relief from the epidural so I wouldn’t strain too much while pushing.

By 7:30pm, I felt a warm pop! So I asked Jack to check if my water broke. He looked under my blanket and yelled, “OH!! OH! YUP! YOUR WATER BROKE!” Lol. He said it was a lot of fluid, all over the bed. Jack also had myself and the nurse laughing throughout my whole labor, he’s so funny. But one thing that wasn’t funny to me: he was so into the Warriors basketball game when it was almost time for me to push, I had to tell him to close the laptop!!! 🙂

FullSizeRender 10

We rested some more. Then finally at around 9:20pm, my Dr came in and said I was ready to push. I couldn’t believe we were about to meet our second little girl. After pushing for only a few minutes, Korinne Noelle was born at 9:28pm.


Korinne started crying right away, a beautiful cry, and I looked at Jack and smiled. Jack video recorded that moment and I just LOVE watching it, I love listening to her first cry. We were so happy, so in love!

FullSizeRender 6

They cleaned her up and gave her to me for skin to skin, and she latched on to me amazingly. She is so prefect, and so beautiful. She was having heart murmurs, but the pediatric cardiologists said her heart regulated itself, so no worries. We are happy to have created two healthy beautiful girls. Getting to experience labor and delivery again for the second time is truly a blessing.

FullSizeRender 7

We also picked her name last minute. We literally agreed on her name the day before. We went through so many names, it’s not even funny, very stressful. But we love the name we chose for her.

FullSizeRender 15

I got a small 2nd degree tear, but other than that, I couldn’t be more happy with my labor and delivery experience. And I couldn’t wait for her big sister Jovie to meet her.

FullSizeRender 8

The labor and delivery experience was just half of my hospital stay, I still had a minor surgery procedure to go through. I planned with my Dr to get my tubes tide after delivery, but after talking with my Dr, some friends, and doing research…I decided last minute that I wanted to get my tubes completely removed. So the next morning, at 9am, went through the 30 minute procedure (absolutely terrified but survived), spent 2 hrs in recovery, then back in my room with Jack and Korinne.

It’s a bittersweet decision, but when you know you are done, you just know. We got discharged a few hours later, not even 24 hrs in the hospital. A very quick hospital stay and we were on our way home to enjoy our family of four.

The recovery from surgery was worst than postpartum recovery. Jack had to help me in and out of bed for 4 days. The first week I was in a lot of pain, felt like I got hit by a train, but in the second week, I overall felt pretty good.

Jovie is back home and loves her, “baby sister!” Korinne even got Jo a gift basket full of books, candy, and a Minnie Mouse shirt (just so Jovie wouldn’t feel too jealous or left out). We had a house full of family visiting this past weekend, I am back to my usual routine (was getting so sick of ordering take out every night, gag!) and taking care of two kids is really not hard…busy, but not difficult.

FullSizeRender 14

FullSizeRender 11

And we are LOVING having a newborn in the house. She brings us so much more joy, we laugh more, we are all just so happy with this little nugget. And she is such a good sleeper and eater. Jacks been so helpful, I’m not sleep deprived, it’s just been overall amazing! It’s true when they say second babies are easier, you are like an expert. Jo has been so helpful with her too. FullSizeRender 17

Jack went back to work this week which is a bummer, but I got a hold of things with these two girls while he is gone.

FullSizeRender 13

Hope you all enjoyed reading Korinne’s birth story and my labor experience.

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Thanks for reading! xoxo


One thought on “Korinne’s Birth Story 

  1. Congrats!! I love the names you picked for your girls and it’s always a joy to hear a mother’s labor and delivery story — especially when they view it as a blessing! My second daughter turned one last week and I can barely believe it! In some ways, i feel like those labor pains were just yesterday! Enjoy!

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