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Third Trimester Update (week 38.3)


My last and final pregnancy update.

It is 11pm here in California, the house is quiet, I am sitting in my living room in my pink robe, eating a cup o noodle with extra hot sauce and lime…(oh cravings).

I finally got a chance to sit down and blog for a bit. Jack and I have been super busy with life. But now that things are falling into place, and Jovie is settled with her grandparents until baby arrives, I get to have some me time. The calm before the storm.

My due date is March 13, but I have a feeling this baby will arrive sooner. As I write this, I am feeling minor contractions…uncomfortable, but a good sign. I had a Drs appointment today, and my body is officially making progress, I am 1 cm dilated (woo hoo)!

Here you can read my First Trimester Update and Second Trimester Update.

Ultrasound Update:

In my last update, I mentioned that my Dr had noticed some minor concerns with my 20 week ultrasound scan. One of them being that my uterus was lower than usual, and another being that baby jelly bean had some fluid in her kidney. I was a emotional mess after hearing these things from my Dr, I felt like my mind was going to explode. He reassured to me that they were very minor, that they may go away on its own, and it’s really nothing to worry about. But how can you not worry about your unborn child after hearing things like this when you are pregnant and hormonal!

I had a follow up ultrasound scan 8 weeks later to see if these minor issues had resolved itself or if it had gotten worse (can you imagine waiting 8 weeks?) But I did get good news! My uterus was fine, and baby jelly beans kidneys were normal. I was so relieved! I sighed, “oh thank you lord Jesus!” I was so thankful. That was a scary experience that I am happy to leave behind me.

How I am feeling:

For the most part, I feel great. Just very fatigued and limited mobility.

Normally, if I drop something on the ground, my sweet Jovie would come running to help mama pick it up. I don’t even ask her, she just knows and is very helpful like that. But now that she is not here for a couple of weeks, I just leave it and wait for Jack to pick it up, ha!

This fatigue is something else, I really could sleep all day! But other than that, no hunger pains, no heart burn, no morning sickness, I am getting a lot of rest, blood pressure is good, nothing too crazy with my health. Since my health is good, I am just waiting for baby to naturally come whenever she is ready. I DO NOT want to get induced! *fingers crossed* Induction is such a pain, here is Jovie’s Birth Story to read about my induction due to preeclampsia.

Weight Gain:

I have gained a total of 52 pounds! I was hoping since this is my second pregnancy, that I wouldn’t gain as much. But who am I kidding, each pregnancy is unpredictable, and I love to eat! I really enjoyed myself this pregnancy, but I am ready to get back into Paleo and hit our gym with my two girls.

Baby Name:

We have yet to decide on a name. We are between two names. So I think our plan here is to wait and see our little girl for the first time, and decide which name fits her best! This will be exciting.

Final Thoughts Before Our Lives Change Again Forever:

I asked Jack if he is nervous to experience this labor and delivery scene with me one more time (the first time I wasn’t very friendly). But he doesn’t seem too concern, more impatient if anything. He is one very busy and impatient man I tell you. Always on top of his grind non-stop.

One day, we were comparing newborn diapers to Jovie’s size 5 diapers, and we just couldn’t stop laughing at how tiny the newborn diapers are. We just can’t believe we are going to have another little nugget in this house again, we are so excited!

I am not so nervous about giving birth. But it still blows my mind that I am pregnant. Like, is this for real? Is this real life? And I still cant believe that I am about to give birth again for the second time! This pregnancy seriously just flew by.

I sometimes look at my belly in the mirror and think to myself, life works in mysterious ways. I remember having this conversation with Jack about when it would be a good time to start for another baby, then one week later, I find out I am 6 weeks pregnant! Definite shocker, but we couldn’t be more happy.

I also think about my sweet Jovie, about how this will affect her, how she will react to this new change. I know she is still too young to understand exactly what is going on. But I keep telling myself that she is so blessed to be gaining a sister, a built in forever best friend. The plan was never to make Jo an only child, we wanted her to have a sibling. At the end of the day, family is everything. So that makes us very happy that they will have each other. At two years apart, she is going to make a great big sister. Our goal is to raise two strong, smart, and independent girls to conquer this world.

Now, I am more so preparing for postpartum recovering. Baby has everything she needs, and I need to make sure I have everything I need, so I don’t end up a emotional mess like the first time. Postpartum recovery is tough.

Hospital bags are packed, carseat is ready, and we are as ready as can be to have this baby. xoxo


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