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Happy 2nd Birthday Jo! + 12 Things I love about her right now

dsc02771Hello readers!

February 12 was a very special day ♡ My little girl turns the big 2! I cannot believe it! I remember the day she turned 1 like it was yesterday, where has the year gone? No matter how old she gets, she will always be my little 6lb 11oz baby! Since Jo is born on the 12th of February, I decided to write 12 things I love about her right now!

  1. When I walk into the room, she looks at me and says, “Hi boo!”
  2. Her favorite fruit is apples, I can never keep them in the house!
  3. She is a fashionista! She loves to pick out her own outfits!
  4. She loves to be helpful, especially since mama can’t pick up anything from the floor anymore (Pregnant people problems).
  5. Bath time is her favorite time of day!
  6. She is becoming a little clean freak (like daddy!)
  7. Whenever we are out in public, she likes to say Hi and Bye to everyone.
  8. Her eyes light up whenever we say the word, “playground.”
  9. She has a genuine love for all animals! I think her favorite animal are cats right now.
  10. She is scared of all things insects, especially spiders! Just like mama.
  11. I love how she calls broccoli, “green candy” whoops!
  12. She loves to laugh, dance, and soaks up knowledge like a sponge!

Thank you all for reading as always, everyone have a great day! xoxo


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