Over the weekend

We had a pretty quick weekend visiting family in San Francisco.

On Saturday it was our nieces Crystal’s 4th birthday (Jovie’s favorite cousin and best friend) and we had so much fun, and ate so much food! Chicken and fish katsu, pork curry, lumpia, samosas, chow mein, and all the dessert and candy you can ask for. It was definitely a gluttonous day when it came to food! Then we spent the night binge watching some more Bates Motel!

Jovie saw all of her extended family at the party, and I totally forgot that Chinese New Year of the Rooster was last weekend, so everyone is handing her red envelopes! Now this girl has more luck and more money than me ♡

Sunday we came back to Plumas Lake to watch the Super Bowl and to get ready for the new week! And seriously, how about that game!? Falcons were in the lead by 25! WOWZERZ!!! Any who, it’s more fun to watch when your teams are not playing hehe. And how about that Gaga performance? LOVED!

Now to get all of this baby stuff out of storage, do lots of laundry since all of this stuff haven’t been touched in a year, and organize for little girls arrival! I am guessing 3-5 weeks for her to make her debut.

And still, no baby name yet! Eek








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