Why my husband and I don’t buy each other Valentines day gifts

valday-1I questioned whether or not to write this blog post, but I figured, hey! This is our life, and it’s our truth.

I follow a lot of other blogs on social media and I have happened to see a pattern of “Valentines day gifts ideas for him or her” and I almost wanted to create one, just because I thought it was a cute idea. But then I thought, wait a minute, Jack and I don’t even buy each other anything for Valentines day, so why bother. That wouldn’t be true to myself.

The main reason we don’t buy each other gifts is simple: minimalism.

I am not against Valentines Day at all, I love celebrating all holidays. I will have two girls who I would want to embrace and celebrate each holiday when they grow up. I guess what I am trying to say is, we are just bad for the economy when it comes to gifts lol.

Jack and I have been married for almost 10 years. We’ve been through our fair share of fancy Valentines days, with the big expensive gifts involved. But come spring time, while we are doing our yearly spring cleaning, these things just end up getting donated. They are either collecting dust or just never being used. And that money we spent, we could have saved.

It really makes you think. So over the years, we realized, we don’t need to prove our love for each other with gifts. A nice simple dinner is fine with us, nothing special.

Jack and I learned to just appreciate each other, appreciate the things we have, and make smart money choices while doing so. We learned to not care about material items, and focus on not having any clutter in the house. This is what brings Jack and I together lol sounds silly I know. We just love not buying each other gifts.

It is very easy to get caught up with social media and get influenced by how everyone else is celebrating a certain holiday with their loved ones. And I’m not knocking anyone down for how they celebrate it with each other, you do you. It’s just not our thing anymore.

Just wanted to share since the thought was fresh on my mind. Thanks for reading as always!



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