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Pregnancy Fatigue

pfGrowing a tiny human is exhausting!

Pregnancy fatigue is currently my struggle in life right now. It is the one thing I can count on, not only in the first trimester, but also in the third (35 weeks).

Last night, I could barely cook dinner. I just wanted to lay on the couch and not move an ounce of my body. My lovely husband Jack offered to go out to grab take out, but I just couldn’t let him. I told him, “wait until baby comes, I am going to have you grab dinner every night.” So I pushed through the fatigue to cook for my family.

But in pregnancy, the fatigue is inevitable, thats for sure. With your hormone levels changing, and baby is now putting on lots of weight, I find myself beat! It is a struggle.

So here are some things that I find helped with my fatigue that I wanted to share:

More iron

I talked to my doctor about my fatigue and iron levels, and he approved an additional iron tablet. So that helped. Baby is stealing all of my nutrients!

Make better food choices

Choose high energy foods like: salmon, meat, oatmeal, apples, bananas, eggs, leafy greens, iron fortified cereal, nuts, and beans. Good thing I have been craving lots of these lately.

Don’t skip meals

I noticed when I skip or take too long to eat, my energy plummets and I am finding myself eating the first thing I can get my hands on, which is a no no. And I reach for the bad stuff! Keep track of your meals, it will help with avoiding crap and keep low energy at bay.

Get more rest

Sometimes, this may not be possible for every mama out there, but do whatever you can to get an extra nap in. It’s not going to make the fatigue go away, but it will help for the moment. Naps are always good, I don’t know anyone who hates naps ♡ Do whatever you gotta do!

5 more weeks (more or less) until this baby girl makes her world debut, and I am counting down the weeks because I am starting to feel very pregnant! 9 months is too long lol.

Thanks ya’ll for reading as always. Good luck to any mamas out there dealing with pregnancy fatigue! Please like, share, or repin. See you all next time! xoxo




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