How to make a Long Tutu dress for under $5

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

Today’s blog post is a fun one! A do it yourself long tutu dress for any age! Jo’s birthday is coming up on Feb 12, and I wanted her to have something fun to wear without breaking the bank! And you all know how frugal I am. It’s super cheap and it’s very easy to make!


I got all of my material from Walmart, but I am sure you can grab these items from any craft or fabric store. Total cost for this project was just under $5! So I would highly recommend creating your own versus buying one (they can be expensive). Plus there are endless amounts of colors to chose from! Creating something yourself even makes it that much more special ♡ Lets get started on this tutorial!


Time: 30 min

What you will need:

  • tulle (I used 15 yards but you can use up to 30 yards depending on fullness you like)
  • 1/5 inch Elastic
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun or needle and thread
  • Tape measure


  • With your tape measure, measure your daughters waist with an extra inch added. example: Jo’s waist is 19 inches long, and with an extra inch I got 20 inches.
  • With whatever measurement you came up with, cut the elastic that length. Then with your hot glue gun or needle and thread, close the elastic waist band with a half inch seam allowance. This creates the waist band for your tutu dress.


  • Next, measure the height of your daughters legs, then with some simple math, times that by 2. Jo’s legs were 17 inches long, then I times it by 2 to get 34 inches. Whatever number you get, you are going to cut your tulle that long because you are going to fold the tulle in half and tie it to the waist band. I used 15 yards for Jo’s dress because I didn’t want it too full. but you can use up to 30 yards to have a big beautiful full dress.


  • Next, you are going to fold each piece of tulle in half then fold a knot onto the elastic waist band. I ended up putting the elastic on the back of a children’s chair for easier assembly.


  • Since I didn’t want to dress too full, I spaced each knot about 1 inch.


  • Finish tying your tulle to your tutu dress and you are all done!

Since my tulle dress is not that full and somewhat see through, I had Jo wear white leggings, which I think looked super cute and comfy. Jovie loved her dress and did not want to take it off, so she wore it for the rest of the day ♡


Hope you enjoy this simple tutorial, let me know if your tried it! Please like and share! And thanks for stopping by as always! xoxo



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