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5 Things I Would Tell My First Time Mommy Self

image-2Of course, I had my own idea of what kind of parent I wanted to be. But let me tell you, becoming a parent is so unpredictable. I am no where near the kind of parent I thought I would be. So, I created a list of 5 things I would tell my first time mommy self. And if your going to be a first time mommy too, I hope this post can help you as well!

  1. Accept each advice from other mommies with a grain of salt: I know it can be somewhat difficult, I rolled my eyes a lot at other people’s advice lol. There are tons of ways to parent and raise a child, but take in each advice. You never know, you may end up saying, “wow, she was right.”
  2. Don’t ignore your health: Be selfish with your health. Caring for a newborn can be mentally and physically draining! I was so sleep deprived, and ended up sick in the ER with mastitis. My Dr yelled at me to take it easy, and I am so thankful my Dr told it to me straight up. I felt so much better about getting the rest I needed and ignored cooking and housework for about a month. Don’t worry about anything else, pretend you are stuck in bed, paralyzed, and only care for yourself and for baby for as long as you can.
  3. Don’t judge other moms: Don’t compare yourself either, comparing is crap! Whether you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, a breast feeding mom, formula feeding mom, a bed sharing mom, who cares! Fuck the labels. I know before I had Jo, I for sure judged other moms. yeah, I can admit it. I even judged my own mom, like, “why would you take my baby sister to the movies when she was a newborn” Yeah, I did it. But truth is, THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO BE A MOM. I have realized that every single person is different, everyone has their own preferences, their own reasons of why they did it. But deep down, we are all losing our shit! Oh, you had a beer in your 9 month of pregnancy? Cool. Oh, you leave your children at grandmas house every weekend? Thats cool too. Everyone is different, let these mommies be!
  4. Get help: Don’t deny help, swallow your pride and just accept it. Don’t be afraid to ask for it either. People are willing to help because they know having a baby is not easy. When Jo was first born, I tried to do everything myself. But caring for a new baby without any help was so difficult. This time, when baby girl is due in march 2017, I have family coming to stay, and Jo will be taken care of. This time around will be different, I will accept any help I can.
  5. Embrace what’s happening: Being a first time mommy is a learning process, don’t take it too serious. Things will change last minute that will be out of your control, so embrace it! It’s okay to cancel plans, be a hot mess, or want to stay home for dinner. Be true to yourself. You just had a baby and sometimes life can be unpredictable.

Is there anything you would share with first time mommies that is not on this list? Thanks for reading! Please like and share, thanks for your support! xoxo



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