Update: Second Trimester + Bump

fullsizeoutput_1f35Hello baby bump!

I know I’ve been pretty quiet about this pregnancy so far. I guess since this is my second pregnancy, I’m in that “been there done that” mood. As of last week, I am excited to share that I have finally reached the final stretch of this pregnancy, I am officially in the third trimester! Goodbye second trimester!

Here is my first trimester update if you haven’t read it yet: First Trimester Update

fullsizeoutput_1f3cAs you all know, we are expecting a little baby girl 🙂 And I must say, this pregnancy is going by extremely fast. I barely have any symptoms so I don’t really feel like I am pregnant at all. I am really enjoying this easy peasy pregnancy.

So here are some details on how my pregnancy has been going so far these past few months:

Due date: March 13, 2017

How far along? 28 weeks


A big growing belly:

I feel like my belly has definitely popped out overnight, I look more pregnant at 6 months now than I did when I was 6 months pregnant with Jo (I guess it’s true the second pregnancy you tend to show more sooner).

Round ligament pain is still as painful as the first time. So the sneezing and laughing did hurt lol. And having to pick up a one year old constantly is not fun.

Although, I was excited to go through my old maternity clothes. I thought I would be bummed that my clothes wouldn’t fit my mid section anymore, but maternity clothes are so comfy! My favorite maternity wear are maternity leggings from Old Navy and Target and long oversized cardigans. This time around I am loving being pregnant and just embracing it.

No Cravings or Hunger Pains (yet):

I haven’t had any hunger pains or cravings which I am very happy about (knock on wood). With Jovie they were really bad, I craved so many specific kinds of foods, and ate two to three times throughout the night (it was torture). I think cravings are torture because if you have a certain craving, and have no way of getting it, it is the worst feeling in the world, almost like I just want to have a melt down (sounds silly i know). But this time, I just feel normal, and eating normal. But I have to admit, I have been indulging just because I can lol. I’m just enjoying myself and not worried about weight gain. Baby and I need to eat so I can worry about my weight after I give birth.


Pregnancy insomnia is real y’all! I would wake up around 3am WIDE AWAKE and try my hardest to go back to sleep, but I end up wide awake for at least 3 to 4 hours. So now when the insomnia hits, I try to take advantage of that time to be productive around the house or catch up on my favorite shows.

Also, charlie horses happen in my legs every night while I sleep. But I figured how to stretch my legs to get rid of them quickly (they are not fun).

But for the most part I am sleeping like my normal self. No extra pillows are needed…yet 🙂

Nausea and morning sickness:

Nausea and morning sickness are pretty much non-existent 🙂 I have been feeling amazing!


None really, but if I had to choose something I would say a good juicy cheeseburger with a side of fries.

Weight Gain:

Oh yes, I am embarrassed to say, during the second trimester I gained around 29 lbs!

Food Aversions:

One food I cannot stand is this Burmese pork ball soup that Jack’s mom shared with me. It is one of Jack and Jovie’s favorite too! It use to be one of my favorites, but now when I make it I need all the windows open and I have to quickly make enough to freeze so I don’t have to cook it for a while and just have Jack heat it up when he pleases (so I don’t have to suffer).

Another thing I am still having a hard time taking is my prenatal vitamins. They make me gag, and I always forget to take it since I forget I am pregnant as it is (see…easy pregnancy).


My energy is lower than usual, I have been taking daily 2 hour naps with Jovie.

I do sometimes drink coffee, a coca cola, or a half a serving of Spark energy if I feel like I desperately need it. This pregnancy definitely has me feeling more lazy 🙂


I guess I am missing my non pregnant self, I feel like pregnancy robs me of my beauty. My skin is bad, stretch marks are showing, and my face looks swollen. Maybe a nice cold beer or glass of wine too 🙂 But one good thing about this pregnancy is that it is going by extremely fast!!!


This baby kicks so much and so hard!!! I feel like she is going to break my ribs! It is a sense a relief not having to count fetal kicks, because I am over here hoping she wouldn’t kick so much lol.


No heartburn this time around so far thank you lord Jesus. With Jovie they were horrible, like my throat and chest were on fire every single day! It is probably one of my least favorite things about being pregnant, so I am happy that they haven’t attacked me this time around.

Baby Prepping?

No baby prepping, we are probably as prepared as can be. With Jovie I over prepared, but I guess that’s with most first time parents. After Jo was born, I realized I didn’t need certain things. But I am happy that I saved most of Jovie’s baby item necessities. But the only item I can think of that we need to start stocking up on is diapers.

*My word of advice to new mommies: Buy as you go, or buy if you need it, don’t buy just in case. I may make a blog post on things you actually need for a newborn*



I do have another ultrasound scheduled for this week to see how things are going on inside my belly. My 20 week anatomy scan showed that my uterus is lower than usual and baby has some fluid in her kidney, so I am praying these things cleared up or I get more answers because right now I am just waiting. I’ll update more once I get more answers.

Also, we still haven’t agreed on a name yet. Baby girl will be here in less than 3 months and we have no names picked out. It is so difficult to pick a name and Jack and I have been really discussing about it a lot.

This is it for my second pregnancy update, I will do my third and final update beginning of march just before baby arrives! We are so excited for a new baby in the family.

Thank you all for stopping by, please comment any questions or advice below 🙂


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Disneyland in December 2016

Hi everyone, hope you all are getting your Christmas shopping done (I know we’re not there yet).

I survived a Disneyland trip during the holidays, with a 22 month old, at 6 months pregnant (phew). We recently just got back from our trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA with Jack’s sister Tracy, her husband Alberto, and their daughter Crystal. It was a 7hr drive from northern California.

With me being 6 months pregnant, I was scared I would be tired, in pain from back aches, or cranky, but I really enjoyed it. I barely feel pregnant as it is, so I felt fine. As long as I had my comfy shoes, water/snacks, and lots of bathroom breaks, I was happy.

We were there for 3 days, and each day we walked around 7-8 miles (crazy). We did so much walking, and tried to go on every single kiddy ride. We watched the Christmas parade, Paint the Night parade, saw the fireworks, enjoyed the festival of holidays parade, the Holiday World of Color water and lights show, and I got to enjoy my first experience tasting Pineapple Dole Whip (which was amazing)! This trip was mainly for Jovie and Crystal, so the focus was for them to enjoy it as much as possible.

It was worth every minute. Especially with Jovie being 22 months old, we figured she would be at that age to start to understand everything and enjoy it, and she did! I was worried it would be too much stimulation for her with all the people, music, lights, rides, and just all the commotion, but she was fine and took it all in like a champ.

Jovie loved the parades; she danced, clapped her hands, and waved at all the characters. She met lots of characters and met Santa (she cried when she met Santa). She said hi to the characters by their names and blew them kisses, it was amazing to watch.

I’m not gonna lie (maybe it’s the hormones) but I would get emotional watching her get excited, she just had a blast and it makes me so happy to see her enjoying herself. I had more fun watching her get excited!

I finally got a chance to sit down and go through our photos. Combined we took around 1,000 photos, but I narrowed it down to 187 (you can click on the first photo and scan through them).

Hope you all enjoy these photos, as always, thanks for stopping by!


Thanksgiving 2016

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!

We had a pretty small and quiet Thanksgiving day. This year it was just the three of us, Jack, Jo, and I. We were invited to go spend it with some family, but since we are a military family, our usual tradition was just to spend it with our own little family. So we decided to do just that, and it was amazing. Of course we have a lot to be thankful for as always.

Then we went black friday shopping, our first black friday in California! I definitely was surprised by how some big companies made it easier to buy black friday sales online. Maybe next year I will make my top list of black friday sales because I kind of went crazy this year. Who would have thought shopping for a 21 month old would be so much fun! All of our Christmas shopping is done, phew!

Okay, I am caught up to speed with my blog now. I’m working on my second trimester update right now and we are packing for our trip to Disneyland next week! So keep an eye out for those.

As always, thank you for stopping by!