Turning the big 3 0!

Recently I celebrated my 30th birthday and I thought I wouldn’t care, but I realized birthdays are a big deal! It’s a reminder of your journey through this thing we call LIFE! Seeing how far you’ve come, looking back at your old self, thinking about your current situation today.

I have a lot to be thankful for being able to see another birthday. I wanted to have a fun birthday with both sides of our families in the Bay Area and I got to have that.

But I have to say, I am more happy with myself now than I was when I was 20. The more older you get, the more wiser you are, and I love that. Sure there are things you are not proud of, but thats apart of life, you live and you learn.

Birthdays are worth celebrating too, regardless of what anyone says or thinks. It’s your day, spend it how ever way you like to (or don’t, thats okay too).

I am officially in the 30 club, and I must say, it’s not a bad club to be apart of. Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me. Thank you all for visiting as always!


Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!!

I know kind of late. I still have a bit of getting use to when updating my blog. It is definitely more harder than I’d imagine it would be to maintain, but I am glad I know this now (so I can push myself harder). I like a challenge.

Our theme this year was fruits. Jack, Jo and I spent halloween at home, just the 3 of us. We planned our costumes out about a month ahead and I made them from scratch with felt, cardboard, and paint. I had to be creative which I love to do.

First we passed out candy (Costco has the best deals on candy). But Jojo was not happy about it. She threw a fit every time the door bell rang, she didn’t want to give out any candy haha. But after a few hours, she got the point, which is to share, and she was okay with that. At the end of the night instead of getting mad, she said hi and bye to all the trick or treaters that came by. 

Jojo also had her first dose of candy, which was a bad idea but hey, it’s halloween! She loved plain m&m’s, kit kat, and twix (this is all that I would let her try). Also (with me being 5 months pregnant) I ate a ton of candy too!

It was pouring rain also so we weren’t planning on taking Jo trick or treating, but Jack thought it would be fun. So I had an idea to switch out their costumes just the two of them (cause dressing up is fun right?) So they quickly became Rick Grimes and Negan from The Walking Dead. I thought it was hilarious!! They went off with their umbrellas and went just around the block. Jack said Jo LOVED going to the houses to get candy (who would have thought?) So glad she loved it.

Then we finished the night watching Youtube. It was a fun halloween for us, hope you guys enjoy these photos below. And always, thanks for stopping by!