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I’m That Mom (sahm)

I’m that mom.

I’m that mom who lives in sweats, oversized t shirts, hair is always in a pony tail, and barely wears makeup.

Who spends 24/7 with a one year old.

Who lets her one year old watch PBS kids just so I can read the news and enjoy coffee.

Who has toothpaste on her shirt and hair and haven’t noticed it till the end of the day.

Who has a mom haircut because it’s just easier to maintain.

Who uses the bathroom with a toddler sitting by her feet.

Who sometimes wishes her daughter would sleep in a little longer so she can sleep in too.

Who gives the iPhone to my impatient toddler if the iPad is dead.

Who dreads errands, and praises her daughter if she didn’t embarrass momma in public.

Who hides her food because she doesn’t want to share it.

I’m that mom who takes hundreds of photos of her child.

Who sometimes shares a chocolate bar with her child.

Who tries not to laugh if her daughter gets a booboo.

Who cares about what her daughter wears.

Who has Disney songs stuck in her head all day long!

Who reminds herself to be thankful DAILY.

Who enjoys shopping at Walmart and Thrift stores.

Who sometimes brags about her daughters proud moments.

Who hates washing dishes and doing laundry.

Who sometimes feels like I am the best mom I can be.

Who sometimes feels like I can do better.

Who sometimes yells, and occasionally cuss out of frustration.

Who questions whether I am doing things right.

Who says, “f*ck it, I do things my way.”

Who cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Who tries to feed her child 100% organic but only accomplishes it a few times a week.

Who treats her daughter to a happy meal if I’m in a hurry.

Who gives baths but forget to take showers.

Who changes diapers 5 times a day.

Who forgets to read to her child but sings to her all the time.

Who is considered the strict parent versus daddy.

Who might be a helicopter mom.

Who helps her child up if she falls.

I’m that mom who is perfectly imperfect.

If I need a break, I wait till my child falls asleep so I can have alone time.

Who sometimes let her daughter sleep in bed between mommy and daddy.

Who had a rough day of being a mom but gives her child goodnight kisses, tucks her in, and tells her, “I love you so much beautiful girl.”

I’m that mom.

Thank you for reading, I was inspired by so many amazing real life honest mommy bloggers who shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a parent. This is what kind of mom I am, not a perfect one, but this is the real me.


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