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Goodbye First Trimester

And Hello Second Trimester!!

I’ve decided to do updates on my pregnancy by trimesters, so I wont flood you guys with baby updates! I know the second trimester starts at week 13 so I’m kind of behind, but that’s ok.

Can’t believe the first trimester just flew by, but I am so thankful. I’ve been so busy with everything that life is throwing at me that I sometimes forget I am pregnant.

I feel very good for the most part. I had my 14 week appointment this week and both my nurse and doctor asked me how I was feeling? I replied very enthusiastically, “I feel AMAZING!” Lets just say I am enjoying being pregnant this time around. Sickness is barely present, and I’ve gained my energy back. But the only thing different this time around is I have a toddler to tend to, yeah, parenting while pregnant is hard.

Even though the first trimester is now a memory; I’m going to share some of my favorite things about it, least favorite things, cravings, food aversions, weight, and the baby bump pic.

My favorite things:

Doctor Visits:

I don’t know about you guys but in the beginning of my pregnancy I get so excited about the doctor visits. Getting to see my little jelly bean during the ultrasound scans and hearing the heartbeat, it is just amazing!

No Cycles:

Not having any menstrual cycles for a while is also great too. With Jo, I went 19 months without it!

The thought of growing a human in your belly:

I always think, “WOW! I am growing a tiny little human”. Before i go to bed, I like to rub my belly to see if I can feel any flutters. I sometimes look at Jo and think to myself, “I can’t believe I made you, you are such a beautiful little person!” It’s just mind blowing what our bodies are capable of doing, and in just 9 short months.

My least favorite things:

The fatigue:

I would say the fatigue was by far more worst this time around than it was with my first pregnancy. It was a real struggle just to get out of bed, I just wanted to sleep the day away. I took naps during Jovie’s naps (which I never do), and took extra naps when Jack got home from work. Everything felt like a marathon, I was just so tired! It lasted for about 4 weeks. I just lounged on the bed or couch, while Jo watched tv or was on the iPad (I know that sounds bad). Yeah, Jack and technology helped me a lot.

Constant urination:

Having to get up 3x throughout the night to use the bathroom. It feels like you have a bladder full and you can’t hold it in, but once you go its just a little trickle, ugh.

Morning sickness:

If you’ve never experienced morning sickness or nausea during your pregnancy, consider yourself VERY lucky! It is not fun. It feels like food poisoning, a hangover, and the flu…24/7. Morning sickness for me lasted from week 6 to week 10, but it didn’t attack me everyday which was nice. At one point I couldn’t cook or even think about food. My poor Jack and Jo were stuck with ordering take out or making microwavable meals. I felt horrible but I just couldn’t deal with it. I don’t take medication for it either, I just choose to deal with it.


Potato chips (yum) and Coca cola (I know), I try to stay away. I’ve been drinking a cup daily, and I NEVER drink soda! But Coca cola seems to be the only thing that doesn’t give me nausea. Doctor said not to worry too much about it, but hopefully I can curb this craving during the second trimester.

Food Aversions:

My prenatal vitamins seem to be the only thing right now that I’m struggling to take, it makes me want to gag. Not going to lie, I’m sure I threw them up a few times. But it’s getting a little better.

Weight Gain/Lost:

I gained a total of 1 pound! yay!!

And finally…The bump!!


I’m excited for the second trimester, my goal is to try to eat healthier and go on more morning walks with Jo. I would love to know what are some of your favorite or least favorite parts about the first trimester?

Thanks for reading!


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