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Oh Baby

dsc01814Hello World! Welcome to my first blog post. 

Yes! I am pregnant with baby #2 and we are so excited!! I am about 13 weeks pregnant, still pretty early. I am not going to lie; this pregnancy was a complete surprise! It took me about 6 months to get pregnant with Jo, so I didn’t think I would get pregnant again this fast.

Jack and I have always discussed WHEN it would be a good time to start for a second baby. We for sure wanted to have a second child, a sibling for Jovie, a bigger family. Plus Jacks mom is always in our ears saying “start for a second baby now” (I’m so happy to have amazing in laws). We agreed to wait a few more months so Jovie can get use to daycare and I can adjust to my new job. But then SURPRISE! I had no idea I was already pregnant when we had this conversation. Just a week after we agreed to wait, I found out I am pregnant.

My menstrual cycles are pretty normal, I memorize the exact dates I get my cycles, it’s so weird I remember it exactly. I was two days late, and I told Jack. So he suggested taking a test, good thing I had one left in my bathroom cabinet. I took the test right before bed because I just couldn’t wait till morning. Deep down I had a feeling I was pregnant. And lo and behold, it said positive. I was in complete shock, like wow, that beats trying haha. I honestly was not expecting to get pregnant this soon, but I am so happy it happened this way. I feel incredibly lucky. Looking back, our dog Teddy was acting super weird around me lately. He would just stand there, staring at me, with a confused look on his face. I even asked Jack, “Babe, Teddy is acting weird, should we take him to the vet?” But now I know why, he knew i was pregnant before I did.

We had just moved back to California a few months earlier, and I had just started my new job; I was worried about the morning sickness and not being able to perform at my best. I stress way too easy about everything anyways, so I quit. We agreed it’s better off I focus on my pregnancy, my family, which I am forever so grateful for. My husband Jack is the most supportive and caring human you will ever meet. Jovie and I are so lucky to have him.

Morning sickness is not so bad this time around. It’s actually a lot easier, almost non-existent most days, which has been amazing. With Jovie it was 150% horrible!! I almost regretted getting pregnant, now looking back, I regret even thinking about regretting it. Jovie is the most amazing little girl, she is definitely worth the 8 months of sickness. Hopefully the morning sickness stays mellow (knock on wood).

To be honest, I’m kind of nervous to go through the labor and delivery scene a second time even though I already know what to expect. The first time was scary (I will share that story in another post). But having children is a true blessing. I always said growing up I never wanted kids, but really, I just wasn’t ready. You really can never be too ready, but I feel more ready than I ever did.

Jo is going to be an amazing big sister; I can’t wait to see them bring out the best (and worst) in each other. I want them to know that family is important, that they are lucky to have each other. I just hope that I can be the best mommy I can be for both of them. I just want to be there for them and guide them. Whatever they set their minds to, they can achieve, and I will be happy for them. Hopefully they will look back and say that they had an amazing childhood (and that they have the best parents ever). This is all that matters, making memories.

We can’t wait for our new baby to arrive March 2017. Our hearts will be filled.


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