My Go To Green Smoothie


A couple of years ago when I was strictly eating Paleo, this was my daily go to smoothie. I still make it often, but haven’t had it since becoming pregnant (morning sickness). Now that my morning sickness has subside, I am craving fruits and veggies like CRAZY! And making a smoothie doesn’t have to be difficult. This is probably one of the easiest smoothies you’ll make. It is delicious and nutritious.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of fresh spinach
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 apple
  • 1 inch piece of ginger (I buy fresh, peel, chop, then freeze in a ziplock bag)
  • 1 banana
  • juice of 1 lemon (or a good squeeze of lemon juice).
  • 1 cup of water
  • 5 cubes of ice



Not much prepping involved since I like to keep a ziplock bag full of 1 inch pieces of ginger in the freezer. Other then that, I chop up the apple and de core it (I leave the skin on), peel the banana, get everything together and throw it into my Dash blender (make sure produce is thoroughly washed before blending). And blend until smooth. That’s it!

Easy peasy yummy green smoothie. Clean up is a breeze too, I can make this smoothie and clean up in just 5 minutes. Ingredients are not crazy expensive, and you can easily calculate how much produce you’ll need for a weeks worth of healthy daily smoothies. Great to fuel your body with natures medicine.


If you make this smoothie let me know how you liked it, or if you customized it to your own liking. Would love to know! I now vow to make this smoothie everyday during my pregnancy, lets see if that happens! I’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks for reading as always, happy hump day everyone!



I’m That Mom (sahm)

I’m that mom.

I’m that mom who lives in sweats, oversized t shirts, hair is always in a pony tail, and barely wears makeup.

Who spends 24/7 with a one year old.

Who lets her one year old watch PBS kids just so I can read the news and enjoy coffee.

Who has toothpaste on her shirt and hair and haven’t noticed it till the end of the day.

Who has a mom haircut because it’s just easier to maintain.

Who uses the bathroom with a toddler sitting by her feet.

Who sometimes wishes her daughter would sleep in a little longer so she can sleep in too.

Who gives the iPhone to my impatient toddler if the iPad is dead.

Who dreads errands, and praises her daughter if she didn’t embarrass momma in public.

Who hides her food because she doesn’t want to share it.

I’m that mom who takes hundreds of photos of her child.

Who sometimes shares a chocolate bar with her child.

Who tries not to laugh if her daughter gets a booboo.

Who cares about what her daughter wears.

Who has Disney songs stuck in her head all day long!

Who reminds herself to be thankful DAILY.

Who enjoys shopping at Walmart and Thrift stores.

Who sometimes brags about her daughters proud moments.

Who hates washing dishes and doing laundry.

Who sometimes feels like I am the best mom I can be.

Who sometimes feels like I can do better.

Who sometimes yells, and occasionally cuss out of frustration.

Who questions whether I am doing things right.

Who says, “f*ck it, I do things my way.”

Who cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Who tries to feed her child 100% organic but only accomplishes it a few times a week.

Who treats her daughter to a happy meal if I’m in a hurry.

Who gives baths but forget to take showers.

Who changes diapers 5 times a day.

Who forgets to read to her child but sings to her all the time.

Who is considered the strict parent versus daddy.

Who might be a helicopter mom.

Who helps her child up if she falls.

I’m that mom who is perfectly imperfect.

If I need a break, I wait till my child falls asleep so I can have alone time.

Who sometimes let her daughter sleep in bed between mommy and daddy.

Who had a rough day of being a mom but gives her child goodnight kisses, tucks her in, and tells her, “I love you so much beautiful girl.”

I’m that mom.

Thank you for reading, I was inspired by so many amazing real life honest mommy bloggers who shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a parent. This is what kind of mom I am, not a perfect one, but this is the real me.


Goodbye First Trimester

And Hello Second Trimester!!

I’ve decided to do updates on my pregnancy by trimesters, so I wont flood you guys with baby updates! I know the second trimester starts at week 13 so I’m kind of behind, but that’s ok.

Can’t believe the first trimester just flew by, but I am so thankful. I’ve been so busy with everything that life is throwing at me that I sometimes forget I am pregnant.

I feel very good for the most part. I had my 14 week appointment this week and both my nurse and doctor asked me how I was feeling? I replied very enthusiastically, “I feel AMAZING!” Lets just say I am enjoying being pregnant this time around. Sickness is barely present, and I’ve gained my energy back. But the only thing different this time around is I have a toddler to tend to, yeah, parenting while pregnant is hard.

Even though the first trimester is now a memory; I’m going to share some of my favorite things about it, least favorite things, cravings, food aversions, weight, and the baby bump pic.

My favorite things:

Doctor Visits:

I don’t know about you guys but in the beginning of my pregnancy I get so excited about the doctor visits. Getting to see my little jelly bean during the ultrasound scans and hearing the heartbeat, it is just amazing!

No Cycles:

Not having any menstrual cycles for a while is also great too. With Jo, I went 19 months without it!

The thought of growing a human in your belly:

I always think, “WOW! I am growing a tiny little human”. Before i go to bed, I like to rub my belly to see if I can feel any flutters. I sometimes look at Jo and think to myself, “I can’t believe I made you, you are such a beautiful little person!” It’s just mind blowing what our bodies are capable of doing, and in just 9 short months.

My least favorite things:

The fatigue:

I would say the fatigue was by far more worst this time around than it was with my first pregnancy. It was a real struggle just to get out of bed, I just wanted to sleep the day away. I took naps during Jovie’s naps (which I never do), and took extra naps when Jack got home from work. Everything felt like a marathon, I was just so tired! It lasted for about 4 weeks. I just lounged on the bed or couch, while Jo watched tv or was on the iPad (I know that sounds bad). Yeah, Jack and technology helped me a lot.

Constant urination:

Having to get up 3x throughout the night to use the bathroom. It feels like you have a bladder full and you can’t hold it in, but once you go its just a little trickle, ugh.

Morning sickness:

If you’ve never experienced morning sickness or nausea during your pregnancy, consider yourself VERY lucky! It is not fun. It feels like food poisoning, a hangover, and the flu…24/7. Morning sickness for me lasted from week 6 to week 10, but it didn’t attack me everyday which was nice. At one point I couldn’t cook or even think about food. My poor Jack and Jo were stuck with ordering take out or making microwavable meals. I felt horrible but I just couldn’t deal with it. I don’t take medication for it either, I just choose to deal with it.


Potato chips (yum) and Coca cola (I know), I try to stay away. I’ve been drinking a cup daily, and I NEVER drink soda! But Coca cola seems to be the only thing that doesn’t give me nausea. Doctor said not to worry too much about it, but hopefully I can curb this craving during the second trimester.

Food Aversions:

My prenatal vitamins seem to be the only thing right now that I’m struggling to take, it makes me want to gag. Not going to lie, I’m sure I threw them up a few times. But it’s getting a little better.

Weight Gain/Lost:

I gained a total of 1 pound! yay!!

And finally…The bump!!


I’m excited for the second trimester, my goal is to try to eat healthier and go on more morning walks with Jo. I would love to know what are some of your favorite or least favorite parts about the first trimester?

Thanks for reading!


Paying Off Our Bad Debts


When Jack and I were young, man oh man, did we make a lot of bad money choices. We didn’t even know how to budget. We were only 19 and 20 years old when we got married in 2007 and moved away to our first place together in Montgomery, Alabama. We thought having credit cards were normal and just a part of life…but no, sorry to break the news to you, it is not normal. Looking at our credit card debts in writing just made me wish it can disappear, but reality is, we had to deal with it.

How much debt did we have and how long did it take us to pay it off?

We had about $9,000 in credit card debt, $8,000 in student loan debt, and a combined $20,000 in car debt. So all together: about $37,000 in debt we needed to pay off. While hustling and making smart money choices, it took us about 6 years to pay off, and another 3 years to save enough for a home down payment.

While living in Montgomery, Alabama, we hustled hard to work on eliminating our credit card debts. I was working two jobs barely making anything, Jack was an airman barely making anything, and he was a full-time student! Montgomery, Alabama was a struggle, a real hit in the face of some reality. But during that time, Jack got deployed to overseas while I moved to California to live with family and worked two jobs, and that really helped us, we ended up saving a bit, enough to eliminate the credit card debt completely by 2010.

While living in Anchorage, Alaska, we still had our cars and student debts to pay off. Living in Alaska was a blessing; we made the most money there. It was a nice change to have money coming in versus barely bringing in anything. And this is where we first discovered Dave Ramsey (I’ll talk more about him later). But we also took advantage to save even more and made a lot of sacrifices; like living in a tiny apartment to save more money, at one point I was working 50 hours a week, and we barely saw each other. Jack even took a one-year tour to Korea, which helped the most. By 2013, we finally were able to pay off our car and student debt (hallelujah). All while I finished my AA in business, and Jack finished his BS in Information Technology.

Now that our bad debts were eliminated, we started saving. And we saved, saved, and SAVED! There were so many times I wanted to go shopping and splurge, or take a trip around the world. But we had a goal, and that goal was to save money to buy a house and start a family. And we did just that. I even kept an excel worksheet to keep track of our spending (yeah, we were serious).

This was a very slow process and it did not happen overnight. Being money cautious and budgeting became second nature to us. We always said no to outings (unless it was necessary), we barely ate out, or never went to the movies. We got to fit in a travel once a year to San Francisco to visit family. And we donated and gave to family or friends when they needed it. We had our priorities set but that didn’t stop us from having fun, we enjoyed ourselves in moderation.


Fast forward to 9 years, I am so grateful that Jack are I are now financially stable. We now have great money skills, and we listen to Dave Ramsey to guide us along the way. If you haven’t heard of Dave Ramsey, I highly suggest you do your research; he is a big reason why we are so financially stable. We’ve now become homeowners 9 months ago, life has slowed down tremendously for us, and we are growing our family. And we are still in our 20’s! I even chose to be a stay at home mom. I don’t have to work, and I don’t need to work to prove I have good work ethic or prove I can financially provide for my family. I know I have good work ethic, and I know I can provide financially when the time is right. But since we planned ahead, my current goal in life right now is to be the best stay at home mommy and wife that I can be. Life is good when you and your spouse work as a team and are both on the same page, especially when it comes to money.

Paying off our debts was not fun, and it was not easy, it took a lot of will power and dedication. My biggest advice would be to PLAN AHEAD! We made payments more than the minimum the whole time to knock it out fast. Now that we don’t owe any debt (besides our home, but that’s good debt) we can breath. It is such a good feeling to not make any payments on things we’ve bought a long time ago that we probably don’t even have anymore. We’ve became very minimalistic with our material things. And we’ve been making updates to our new home and we pay everything in cash, it’s really a great feeling.

And it’s possible for anyone, whether you’re a doctor or work at McDonalds, anyone can become debt free and buy a house, as long as you make the right money choices. If you want to tackle your debt, I suggest following Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, that’s a good place to start.

Hope this helped, or inspired you to tackle your debts! Thanks for reading.



Jovie’s Birth

February 10, 2015. We were stationed in Anchorage, Alaska and it was a snowy cold morning. I had my 38-week check up that morning with my OBGYN on Elmendorf Air Force Base hospital. My hospital was only a 5-minute drive from our house so it was very convenient driving myself in the snow at 38 weeks pregnant. I walked into my appointment not expecting anything more than just getting my weight checked, blood pressure checked, and hearing the baby’s heartbeat, then I’ll usually be off to run errands or enjoy lunch with Jack. My due date was scheduled for February 22, 2015 so I knew I still had time until baby arrived.

But for some odd reason for the past few weeks my blood pressure was higher than usual, borderline high, around 140/90. But the doctor’s and myself figured maybe it’s just because I’m dehydrated from the horrible morning sickness I was experiencing, or because I didn’t eat breakfast. But today, at my appointment, something clicked in my doctor’s head, like hmmm something’s up, and we need to figure out why your blood pressure has been high all of a sudden.

My doctor sent me to get lab work done, a urine test, and to the Labor & Delivery Department to check on baby’s health. Normally my appointments were about 30 minutes long, but now I’ve been in the hospital for almost 5 hours while they run tests on baby and I, and mind you I was starving. The nurses and Doctor’s said everything looked good, and discharged me from L&D, so I was on my way home to enjoy my evening with Jack.

Fast forward to around 7pm, I was cooking Thai chicken curry for dinner and I think Jack was watching some type of sports game. I get a call from L&D, asking for Linda. I said, “Yes, this is she” and the nurse on the line asked very excitedly, “Do you want to get induced today?” My eyes got big, I covered my mouth with my other hand and tears just started running down my face. I wanted to ask her why, but I didn’t want the nurse to hear me crying. The nurse continued, as I stayed quiet, she said they found protein in my urine and it could be a sign of preeclampsia, they didn’t want to a risk it and wait the 24 hours to confirm it was indeed preeclampsia because my baby’s health and my health could be in danger. I was already full term at 38.3 weeks pregnant, so after I composed myself and took a few deep breaths, I told the nurse, “yep lets do this”.

After I hung up the phone with the nurse, I told Jack. He kind of panicked and started calling his bosses telling them, “It’s time” haha. I texted my friend Sarah, she was going to house sit and watch our two dogs for us while I gave birth, so she came over and I gave her the run down. I showered, packed, and we left to the hospital at around 8pm.

We got to the hospital, and L&D on base is pretty nice, I felt like I was on vacation. They asked me what was my birth plan, and I was like ummmm I didn’t have one. I kept hearing stories that most of the time birth plans don’t usually go according to plan, so I told them: it’s a possibility I may want an epidural, as long as Jack cuts the cord, and skin to skin after baby is born, then I am happy. They strapped me up to the monitors and said they wont start the inducing process until morning. So Jack and I spent the night at the hospital waiting for morning.

So it’s the next day, February 11, 2015. We woke up that morning, nurses gave me the ok to eat breakfast, and they started me on Pitocin. They also started me on another drug for my preeclampsia called Intravenous Magnesium Sulfate to help prevent seizures or any other complications from the preeclampsia. The doctor warned me that the Magnesium Sulfate and Pitocin combined was going to make me feel nasty, tired, cranky, groggy, and just plain ol disgusting. I had a melt down when she told me this because I just didn’t want to feel any more uncomfortable than I already do, but it had to happen.

The whole day I texted friends and family, letting them know I was ok. I just stayed in bed all day while the nurses monitored me, waiting on things to move along. They decided to break my water, and that was absolutely the most painful part, I screamed so loud, and ended up crying. It was very uncomfortable, but it was very brief. Then evening came, I honestly don’t remember what time it was, but the contractions came HARD! It felt like really bad menstrual cramps, bad lower back pain, and with every contraction I couldn’t breath. I was gasping for air, felt like my lungs were being squeezed. It was really scary, so I told Jack, “I want a epidural, I NEED AN EPIDURAL!!” I was only 5 cm dilated. The anesthesiologists came in literally in 5 minutes, and I was so relieved when I saw them walk in. I got my epidural and it started working almost instantly. The nurse suggested I get some sleep, as much sleep as I can, so I went to bed.

Midnight came, it’s officially February 12, 2015, and the Nurses and Doctors woke me up. They said, “okay, it’s time to have this baby, it’s time to push, your 10 cm dilated” I was so sleepy, I pushed for about one hour, drifting in a out of sleep. The nurses kept waking me up between contractions.

At 1:02am, Jovie was born at a tiny 6lbs 11oz. We had skin to skin for what seems like forever, it was amazing. I kept telling Jack, “Omg she looks just like you!” The nurses were ready to take Jovie away to clean her up, but the Doctor kept yelling, “No, give her more time with her baby!” haha. I did end up getting a second-degree tear, so I needed stitches. I was just happy the pregnancy and delivery process was finally over. I was incredibly swollen in these photos, and I was 222lbs when I gave birth, yikes!!

Looking at Jovie for the first time, I have never been happier in my life, it was love at first sight, Jack and I was so proud we created this beautiful little baby. Now she’s about to be two years old! And I am going to go through the labor and delivery process a second time coming March 2017. Eeek, I’m nervous for the pain, but I feel so incredibly lucky to grow our family, and experience this process one last time.

Thank you for reading Jovie’s birth story, I know Jovie will enjoy reading how she was born when she gets older!



Revisiting an old DIY Project: Jovie’s Play Kitchen Hack

Earlier this year I had been drooling over so many cute and creative DIY play kitchens while pinning on Pinterest one day, and since then, I had been dying to create one myself (for my daughter of course). I always wished I had a play kitchen growing up, but I am just as happy I get to customize one for Jovie. And it’s easy and inexpensive to customize.

I wanted to create a cute, bright, farmhouse inspired kitchen for her to explore her imagination and appreciate over the next few years.

I started my research on which play kitchen I wanted to update. I almost went with the Ikea play kitchen but figured it was a bit small for the price. I found one on Amazon for around the same price but almost a third bigger in size. I went with the KidKraft Play kitchen in espresso because it was the cheapest one on Amazon at $107 (at the time I bought this it was $107).

Supplies you’ll need:

  • KidKraft Kitchen (or any wooden kitchen)
  • Your choice of paint color in sample sizes (I chose the paint brand Behr in white and mint)
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • Black sharpie
  • A ruler
  • Total time including assembly: 5 hours

*It’s very important to work on these two things before assembling the kitchen: the back splash, and the hardware.*

When the package arrived, it came in a slim box with a bunch of pieces, its pretty overwhelming. I found the back splash piece and the hardware pieces first, because it would be very difficult to paint these after the kitchen is already assembled. I spray painted the hardware gold and left it to dry for about 30 minutes. As for the backsplash, I painted it white, and with a ruler and black sharpie, drew on some subway tiles. After these two things are done, you are ready for assembling.

Jack helped me with the assembly of the kitchen (thank goodness), it took him about 2 hours to assemble. After that it was ready for paint, I decided to paint it with regular latex interior paint over spray painting it because I figured it would leave a nice clean finish. I went to the Home depot, chose a mint color and white color, and just ask the paint counter to make a couple samples for me. Paint samples are around $2-$3 each, so it is very inexpensive. I painted the whole kitchen white, and the trim a minty blue. While going with the whole farmhouse look, I knew the paint would chip, and it did, but it gave the kitchen that much more character. If you don’t want it to chip, then you can seal the paint with a small $5 can of polyurethane from your local hardware store.

After that, the kitchen is done! Now All you need to do is accessorize. I found some coral roses and sun flowers from Walmart, the jar and tin can are recycled, the “J” is from Michaels craft store and I just painted it brown, the cookware is Melissa & Doug, the play food is from Ikea, the Fruit basket from Daiso, and the coral towel is from Ross.

Jovie loves this little kitchen, I love it too. I think it goes well in our dining area and gives our home a touch of farmhouse style. Hope you all enjoyed this throwback DIY I did a couple months ago for Jovie, if you have any questions please let me know. Thank you and good luck!



A Weekend in San Francisco





Happy Monday everyone!

This past weekend was a busy one running around San Francisco with Jacks family. So I decided to write a recap of our fun filled (yet exhausting) weekend! (Photos are posted below).

Whenever I personally visit my hometown of San Francisco, I always think to myself, “you never know what you have until it’s gone,” This is so true on so many levels. When I lived in San Francisco, I took it for granted. I was a busy young go-getter working two jobs hustling my way into this busy city that I never really got to enjoy it. I’ve never been to Alcatraz, Lombard Street, or tried any new hip restaurants; and the list goes on. Since Jack joined the military and we moved away to places like Alabama and Alaska, I realized how much I missed San Francisco. I left my heart in San Francisco, it is seriously one of the most beautiful cities I have ever had the privilege of growing up in. If you haven’t been, I highly suggest adding it to your bucket list.

On Friday we weren’t even planning on visiting SF at all this weekend, but Jack came home early and spontaneously suggested, “Hey! Lets go to SF!” and I just couldn’t say no, haha. So I did laundry, cleaned our house, packed, got Ted settled with his sitter, and we were off. We picked up Jacks sister Tracy on the way since she was just getting off of work. Jovie was so excited to see Auntie Tracy, because if she knew Auntie Tracy was around, than her Cousin Crystal can’t be far, and they are really like mini best friends. Friday night we went to go eat at our usual Vietnamese restaurant in Daly City called Pho Huynh Hiep 3 and the food here is just delicious! They can get pretty busy, so get there early.

Saturday was super busy! First we went to go check out Pier 39. I always love visiting this place because it always brings me back to my childhood. Its pretty cool, and it was Jovie’s first time, so I was excited. You can see Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge from the Pier, plus much more. We walked the Pier, they had a farmers market going on, saw the ferry building, visit the playground, Jo and Crystal went on a carousel, got some yummy Trish’s Mini Donuts, and saw the sea lions. Jovie was fascinated by the huge body of “water” ocean  🙂

After the Pier we walked to Fishermans Wharf, its a short one minute walk from Pier 39. Fishermans Wharf have lots of shopping, souvenir stores, all kinds of restaurants, and street performers. Jack and his family decided on In & Out for lunch, but my pregnant picky self wanted to try Chipotle for the first time.

After lunch we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County, we wanted to see the famous Point Bonita Lighthouse. It’s about a 10 minute drive through the beautiful scenic Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and a 0.5 mile walk to get to the light house. Since it’s by the ocean, it was very windy and cold up there, so if you visit bring lots of layers to warm up. But right when we reached the lighthouse, the bridge to the lighthouse was closed for maintenance. We were so bummed we couldn’t go to the actual lighthouse, but got to see it from a distance, we still enjoyed the hike and got some pretty photos. They will open back up in October, so we will be back.

Our Saturday was just halfway over. After the lighthouse, we went to this fun place for the kids called Peek-a-Boo factory on West Portal Street. Jovie and Crystal had a blast, they did not want to leave, we ended up staying til closing. By this time I was pooped, I wanted to go back home to take a nap.

After the Peek-a-Boo factory we went to our favorite place to eat, Ling Ling Cuisine on San Bruno Street. This place to us has the most delicious Chinese food we’ve ever tasted anywhere (and we’ve tried a lot of places). It never fails, always our go to spot when we are in San Francisco. After dinner, we stopped by a few places for some shopping, then finally went home.

Sunday morning we decided to drive back to Plumas lake. But before we hit the road we had to stop by our favorite dim sum place Good Luck Dim Sum and Chinese bakery Cherry Blossom Bakery for some treats. Both places are located on Clement Street, Clement also have other little asian markets, stores, and restaurants stretching a few blocks. Once we got our food, we said our goodbyes, and drove the two hours back home to prepare for another week!

Phew, this ends our weekend recap, hope you all try out some of these places, let me know if you do!


The Most Delicious Sriracha Dipping Sauce Ever

This sriracha dipping sauce has been a staple in the Wee household for quite sometime now. It is almost like a secret recipe, because I’ve never tasted anything like it, nor have I seen a recipe just like it anywhere.

I got this recipe from my mother in law. We were over their house one day, and she had just cooked a fresh batch of lumpia with this sriracha dipping sauce. Once I tried it, OMG I just couldn’t stop eating it, it is really that delicious. I asked her, “What kind of sauce is this? It is so good!” Once she said she made it, I was like YES! I need this recipe.

It’s sweet and tangy and garlicky, eek! My mouth is watering just remembering the first time I tried it. This is seriously going to be the most Delicious Sriracha Sauce you will ever taste in your life. And it is very simple and easy to make.


What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of Srircha
  • ½ cup of purified water
  • 1 ¼ Teaspoon of granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of Tamarind soup base mix (I like Knorr brand)
  • 2-3 cloves of grated garlic


Just mix everything together into a bowl, and thats it! You can double this recipe to make a batch, pour it into a mason jar, and keep in the fridge for up to a couple months. The longer it sits, the better it taste. Jack loves it with lumpia or fried summer rolls, I love it on egg omelets or fried chicken wings. As you can see, my one year old loves it too.


I know you all will enjoy this delicious sriracha sauce, try it out and let me know what you think!



Exploring Yosemite Valley

Of course seeing all that Yosemite National Park has to offer in just one day is nowhere near possible. Since it was our first time visiting, we wanted to rent a van and explore. We decided to visit an area called Yosemite Valley, one of the most popular areas in Yosemite.

Yosemite Valley is kind of like your one stop shop. It has a visitor center, restaurants, beautiful scenic views, lodging, camp sites, and hiking trails, all surround by wildlife and beautiful trees.

We decided to visit during Labor Day weekend, and man was it BUSY! I mean bumper-to-bumper traffic. It is also the 100th Birthday of National Parks. So yeah, we could have visited during a slower time, but in the end, it was worth it.

We did a bit of hiking, but mostly drove around. I would have to say the Tunnel View location was my absolute favorite! It was like looking at a painting, so surreal. Tunnel view is a viewpoint where you can see all of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, El Capitan, and Bridalveil Falls. Since we visited in the end of summer, most of the waterfalls were close to dried up.

It took about 4 hours to drive to Yosemite from our home in Plumas Lake, California, and another 4 hours to get back. And the long car rides with an impatient one year old was going to make me pull my hair out. Jovie probably made me chase her all day long. It was a tiring day; I suggest going very early (I mean get there by 6am early), lots of snack, lots of water, and comfy shoes. Being 3 months pregnant did not help either, but I’m glad we came. We are already planning to come back. If you haven’t visited Yosemite Valley, I highly suggest it.

Enjoy these photos from our short trip.


Jo with her cousin Crystal.


Bridalveil Falls.


Tunnel View on Wawona Road.


El Capitan.



Oh Baby

dsc01814Hello World! Welcome to my first blog post. 

Yes! I am pregnant with baby #2 and we are so excited!! I am about 13 weeks pregnant, still pretty early. I am not going to lie; this pregnancy was a complete surprise! It took me about 6 months to get pregnant with Jo, so I didn’t think I would get pregnant again this fast.

Jack and I have always discussed WHEN it would be a good time to start for a second baby. We for sure wanted to have a second child, a sibling for Jovie, a bigger family. Plus Jacks mom is always in our ears saying “start for a second baby now” (I’m so happy to have amazing in laws). We agreed to wait a few more months so Jovie can get use to daycare and I can adjust to my new job. But then SURPRISE! I had no idea I was already pregnant when we had this conversation. Just a week after we agreed to wait, I found out I am pregnant.

My menstrual cycles are pretty normal, I memorize the exact dates I get my cycles, it’s so weird I remember it exactly. I was two days late, and I told Jack. So he suggested taking a test, good thing I had one left in my bathroom cabinet. I took the test right before bed because I just couldn’t wait till morning. Deep down I had a feeling I was pregnant. And lo and behold, it said positive. I was in complete shock, like wow, that beats trying haha. I honestly was not expecting to get pregnant this soon, but I am so happy it happened this way. I feel incredibly lucky. Looking back, our dog Teddy was acting super weird around me lately. He would just stand there, staring at me, with a confused look on his face. I even asked Jack, “Babe, Teddy is acting weird, should we take him to the vet?” But now I know why, he knew i was pregnant before I did.

We had just moved back to California a few months earlier, and I had just started my new job; I was worried about the morning sickness and not being able to perform at my best. I stress way too easy about everything anyways, so I quit. We agreed it’s better off I focus on my pregnancy, my family, which I am forever so grateful for. My husband Jack is the most supportive and caring human you will ever meet. Jovie and I are so lucky to have him.

Morning sickness is not so bad this time around. It’s actually a lot easier, almost non-existent most days, which has been amazing. With Jovie it was 150% horrible!! I almost regretted getting pregnant, now looking back, I regret even thinking about regretting it. Jovie is the most amazing little girl, she is definitely worth the 8 months of sickness. Hopefully the morning sickness stays mellow (knock on wood).

To be honest, I’m kind of nervous to go through the labor and delivery scene a second time even though I already know what to expect. The first time was scary (I will share that story in another post). But having children is a true blessing. I always said growing up I never wanted kids, but really, I just wasn’t ready. You really can never be too ready, but I feel more ready than I ever did.

Jo is going to be an amazing big sister; I can’t wait to see them bring out the best (and worst) in each other. I want them to know that family is important, that they are lucky to have each other. I just hope that I can be the best mommy I can be for both of them. I just want to be there for them and guide them. Whatever they set their minds to, they can achieve, and I will be happy for them. Hopefully they will look back and say that they had an amazing childhood (and that they have the best parents ever). This is all that matters, making memories.

We can’t wait for our new baby to arrive March 2017. Our hearts will be filled.