It’s official, my blog has its own instagram, yay!

I never really planned it out this way, but I realized throughout the year that I would hold back on sharing.

I didn’t want to come off as annoying on my own personal instagram and Facebook page saying, “link in bio, link in bio, blah blah blah”.

I love blogging but I am sure some people on my friends list could care less about my blog because, well, they just can’t relate! Lol

I have the followers who love my blog posts and the other followers who just can’t relate, so creating a separate instagram dedicated to my blog feels like the best idea.

I love blogging and can’t wait to share more content with everyone!

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The Next Chapter

We successfully bought and sold our first home!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 6.17.36 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 6.17.59 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 6.16.45 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 6.17.08 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 6.17.21 AM.png

If you have been following my Instagram stories, then you already know we had posted our home for sell about 2 months ago. Well, one week later, we accepted a nice looking offer (over asking) and we couldn’t decline.

We had been living in this house for about two years and just needed a spontaneous change in our lives. There is a list of reasons why we sold, but unless I directly tell you why we did it, then I don’t think anyone will really understand.

Buying a home is one thing, but selling?!?!? Oh my goodness, let me tell you, I have so much respect for real estate agents because it is not easy. The past 2 months were stressful, confusing, and expensive!

We got so lucky with finding the right agent; he is trustworthy, honest, and always listened to us (I am sure he is happy to be done with us lol). He also helped us buy this home all the way from Alaska 2 years ago. If you are in the Sacramento/Roseville area and are looking for a good agent let me know!

If I can give any advice about buying property, it would be to; save as much money as you can before buying, and educate yourself as much as possible.

But even with being as prepared as we were, this was still a learning experience for us. I honestly cannot wait to buy and sell again.

In the end, I am sad, we have a lot of good memories here. But this was never meant to be a forever home, more like a investment opportunity to make a profit. And let me tell you, we are running to the bank pretty happy.

Buying property can be one of the best and fastest ways to make a lot of money. And we did so many upgrades to this house, it looks nothing like before we bought it. And those upgrades are what helped this house sell fast with a over asking offer.

Now, we are settled in our new home until our next pcs, who knows when we will move again, and who knows where we will move to next (oh military life).

I keep saying we got very lucky, because this is our first time ever purchasing, fixing, and selling a home, this could have been a expensive disaster! But everything worked out, and I am thanking Jesus!!!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or need any advice please let me know!



A Decade of Love


I am blown away with how fast 10 years just flew by.

Jack and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this past week, and I still can’t believe it.

Looking back 10 years ago, we were just kids at ages 18 and 19 years old, thinking we knew what we were doing, but we had no idea.

We had to learn quickly, and we learned a lot from our mistakes (and we made A LOT of mistakes).

We also sacrificed a lot for each other to get to where we are at today. Wish I can share some stories but that would be a very long blog post lol.

But through it all, we had each others back, trying to better our quality of life together.

He is a great partner, and a amazing dad.

Jack would do anything for the girls and I, and I love him for that.

Sorry hon you are stuck with my over dramatic ass self forever. Let’s continue to live happily ever after, and be weird while doing that.

Love you.


8 Money Saving Tips We Live By

I was inspired this morning by a friend of mine to write a quick blog post.

Believe it or not, I always have friends and family come up to me for financial advice all the time! It’s no secret that Jack and I are huge Dave Ramsey fans, we are pretty minimalistic, and that we take saving money very serious (we are bad for the economy lol).

Living off of one income and being a full time mom can be a challenge. We have two girls that need to go to college and they would need new cars, and we are going to retire one day and we will need to depend on our retirement savings for an extra 30-40 years (if we are lucky enough to live that long).

So I had the idea to share 8 of my best tips that we live by on the daily:

  1. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses.

It’s very easy to get influenced by social media these days. You are surrounded by people sharing the latests fashions, having the latest technologies, or sharing pics from their lavish vacations. And there is nothing wrong with that, if you can afford it. But if you can’t, please don’t try to compete or prove yourself to anyone. Statistics show that in our era today we have the most debt, the least saved in savings, and the least invested in retirement. It’s already a issue that we don’t make enough money to support our cost of living, so don’t get sucked into impulse buying because you see others doing it. At the end of the day, you’ll be sitting there with a empty bank account and a picture full of likes. And if any social media accounts make you feel a certain way, just hit the unfollow button, life is too short to worry about what others have and what you don’t have. Be thankful for what you do have, live below your means, it’ll be worth it I promise. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses, the Joneses are broke.

2. Avoid the credit cards!

I sound like a broken record when I tell people this, “NEVER OPEN A CREDIT CARD!” There are some exceptions to using a credit card like: real emergencies. But you should already have a savings account for emergencies as it is, so there is really no reason to have a credit card. People think it is normal to have credit card debt, but guess what, it is not. It has become the new norm for so many people, but those people are broke. If you want to be financially fit, this will be a good place to start.

3. It’s ok to say no.

I am a pro at saying no. And I have no shame in doing so. If friends ask you to go out to a movie, a concert, or dining out, it’s ok to say no. Don’t feel obligated to always say yes. I can’t express how many times as a teenager I came home with only $5 in my bank account wishing I didn’t go out with my friends. It is ok to say no no no! Your friends will understand, and if they don’t, you might need new friends 🙂

The other day Jack and I were having a discussion about something I don’t remember about what but it involved spending money, so I told him no! And he gave me the best compliment I could hear, he said, “I appreciate you because you really keep me on my feet” Sometimes Jack likes to drift away and forget about our budget, so I am glad he feels I keep him in line haha!

4. Skip the coffee runs.

Buying a $3-$5 coffee 7 days a week is such a money wasting habit. At least to me it is. If you really want to cut down on spending, this would be a big one. You are spending an average $20 to $40 a week on just a morning cup of Joe. You can invest in a Keurig, Nespresso, or a French coffee press and make your own cup of coffee in a reusable coffee mug on the go and save tons of money. Of course you’ll need the extra discipline to do so, but your pockets will look more happy.

5. Eating out.

Ahh this is one of my favorites. I despise eating out. One dining out dinner can cost the same as groceries for a couple of days. Of course not everyone can do this. I understand that some people don’t have the time to meal prep, or even the skills to cook, or they get tired of eating the same thing everyday. But if you really have the goal in mind of saving money, you should take on this challenge. I dedicate my weekends to grocery shop on a budget and meal prep for myself, Jack, and Jo. And we all eat different foods, so it’s a challenge, and a bit time consuming, but worth saving the money from eating out.

6. Shopping.

I can proudly say I hate shopping. It gives me a headache. I wear the same thing all the time. If I need something, I just go on amazon and call it a day. But if you are the type that loves to go shopping for new clothing, furniture, or anything really, there are lots of resources to help save you a buck or two. Thrift shopping is a good one, buy or sell on craigslist, dollar store, take time to use coupons, there is also events called Clothing Swaps, so you can always find new clothing every week for literally no money at all. You guys know how I bought a new treadmill recently, and I am going to share with you how I funded it lol I literally went through the house, sold items that we no longer needed or no longer used (baby stuff, electronics, or accessories) and saved up enough to buy a treadmill. No shame in my game. We are pros and buying and selling to save money.

7. Budget your entertainment.

It’s ok to invest into a hobby or have fun with money, but try to include it into your budget. You guys know Jack is very much into Crossfit, and monthly fees can add up, but this is his passion, it’s what makes him happy, and he cannot live without it. So this is one of his priorities, and a investment in his health, so we include this in our budget as a necessity. I love doing arts and crafts and sewing, I include that in my budget for fun. Jo is starting to love blind bag toys which can really add up, so we limit her one new blind bag a month. My sister loves going to concerts, but she understands her limit and don’t go to the super expensive ones. So budget your fun.

8. Start planning for Christmas now!

If you are good with your budget, I highly highly recommend you start setting up your Christmas budget and Christmas shopping now! Something about the holidays really give you that spending itch lol. But there are people out there that are still paying off their holiday debt from years ago, which is a real shame. But if you plan your shopping list now, set up a cash only budget, then you can catch good deals now! There are some really good deals all year long, not just around the holidays or Black Friday. I have brand new toys hiding in the closet for the family from Prime Day (couldn’t miss those deals). Don’t wait until last minute. Plan carefully and spend a little each month, so you don’t spend a lot in December.

Be smart with your money, or you will have to work extra hard to pay off those silly mistakes. Thanks for taking the time to read, and hope you guys walk away with some tips on saving money. It’s ok to be a responsible adult 🙂 Take care friends!



Some of my favorite quotes:

A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.

Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else.

Don’t spend money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like.

-Dave Ramsey.

Connecting With a Long Lost Sibling

How amazing is this thing we call life.

Mine just got a little bit more interesting in a beautiful way.

I always knew I had a half older brother (who we share the same mom with but different dad) who lived in El Salvador. But I’ve never met him before, I’ve never talked to him before, nor I have ever seen a picture of him before. I just knew he existed somewhere out there.

My mom lost contact with all of our relatives in El Salvador a long time ago. My mom came to the United States when she was a teenager, around 35 years ago, and left behind her first born son with my grandma to care for.

We are first generation so we have no other blood relatives in the United States. All the family I knew was my mom, dad, my two brothers, and two younger sisters.

So I always wondered about my extended family. Always wondered about my oldest brother, how he looked like, if he still lived in El Salvador or if he ever came to the states. I always wondered.

But a couple of days ago, he found us, through my sister Daniela on Facebook. It is a coincidence because a couple of months ago, I asked my mom for his name so I can try and search for him on social media, but I never had any luck.

Daniela Texted me to let me know, so I rushed to search his name, and added him on Facebook. I couldn’t believe I connected with my oldest brother.

I couldn’t stop smiling while looking at pictures of my brother, grandma, aunties, and cousins in El Salvador! I never knew how they looked liked! It’s funny because I see a physical resemblance in myself with them. It’s truly amazing.

There is a tiny language barrier between us, but that’s okay, he is still my brother, my family, my blood. Hopefully one day we get to meet.

I am so happy we connected Macora F.

This world just got a little smaller ♡





My Crazy Life As An Air Force Wife

As most of you guys know; I am an Air Force wife, a military spouse, a milso, whatever you guys want to call it. So I wanted to share some insight with you guys about my journey so far as an Air Force wife since we are coming up on 10 years of experiencing this military journey.

I’m going back to when Jack and I were dating in 2007, we had been dating for 6 months, and he brought up the crazy idea to go into the Air Force. My first initial thought was, “heck no, are you crazy?”

I knew nothing about the military, I just thought he was going to be sent overseas to fight in a war and that I was never going to see him again (how stereotypical of me lol). But I just honestly knew nothing about the military, and I didn’t know anyone in the military, I only knew what I saw on tv.

I asked him how did this idea came about? We were coworkers at the time, working at AMC theaters. He said the idea came about as he was positively influenced by a coworker of ours, Vince Padua (hey Vince)! So he scheduled a meeting with a recruiter, and it was history from there.

We eloped after 8 months of dating…yup, just 8 months. We were 18 and 19 years old, basically kids who had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Then he went off to BMT (Basic Military Training) and Tech school.

When I flew to Jacks BMT graduation from San Francisco, I was so nervous! I was so intimidated by the uniforms, the rules, the military lingo, just the whole military environment. It freaked me out! I was scared, it was so foreign to me lol.

But I learned over time that these are just normal people with exciting careers. I guess I was scared because it is a different lifestyle than my typical civilian life in San Francisco, but we are all human. I needed to get over myself, and educate myself.

I packed my belongings up, said bye to my family, bye to my friends, and bye to my job, and headed to our first base: Montgomery, Alabama.

When I heard we were going to Alabama, I was not very excited. I thought to myself, how am I going to do this? I didn’t know anyone, I am a introvert as it is, so socializing and making new friends terrified me. I was stuck at home all alone in our little house on base while Jack went to work. So we decided to get a dog! Two weeks after moving to Alabama, we got Teddy, our golden retriever, who is still thriving today, I wasn’t so lonely anymore.

I awkwardly made my first friend, Jennifer W. a military spouse, and my neighbor at the time (we still talk today). Making new friends in another state didn’t seem so scary after all. 10 years later, I am proud that we know lots of people in different places all over the world. Us military wives share a special bond that I don’t share with my civilian friends, us military wives just get each other. We’ve even made lasting friendships with people who are not affiliated with the military at all too.

I did have my moments of home sickness. There were many days where I cried to Jack that I miss my family and missed my life in SF. Many days I cried in the shower. I would say it took me about one year to really adjust to this new military lifestyle. Now, this is all we know. When we visit family I can’t wait to get back to our little military life we’ve built together.

Jack got his first deployment duty in 2010 and that was a experience. Being away from Jack for 7 months was very hard. We were so young and in love and missed each other so much. But he deployed a few more times over the next 10 years and is always away for business (TDY’s) that now we are so use to being away from each other. It doesn’t bother us anymore, it is apart of our life now. One day he’ll say, “I’ll be gone for 30 days” and I’ll be like, “Okay see you when you get back!” Crazy, right? We just go with the flow.

I am also able to adapt to new situations faster than I ever did before. I have learned a lot over the past 10 years. I know I am not the same person I was 10 years ago, nor is Jack. We grew together, grew together into the people we are today. One thing about having a successful marriage is adjusting to the new person your spouse is turning into, and always supporting them.

Jacks military career has been thriving since the beginning of his journey, and we love waiting on the next big thing whether it’s a promotion, or new duty station. One word of advice he goes by is: you should always try to better your situation, always want more, never settle or you’ll never improve. My man is amazing I tell you.

Now we have a toddler and a newborn, so thinking about our next move do scare me a bit since we do have two young girls, but we just have to go with the flow with whatever this military life throws at us and make the best of every situation.

My advice to you new wives is: avoid the commissary on the 1st and 15th, just understand that you both are making big sacrifices so support each other the best way you can to stay sane, and try not to feel intimidated.

I wouldn’t trade this life for anything and I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else. I am so blessed to live this life with my best friend, I am thankful every single day you have no idea.







Hope you all enjoyed reading, I had fun writing this post. Until next time xoxo


Life with 2 littles

Seriously, where has the time gone? Time has definitely been going by fast since Korinne was born, and this little girl is keeping us on our toes!

It has been 5 weeks since our little Kor has joined our family, and our new life with two little girls so far is not what I expected.

To be honest, I was terrified to bring another little human into our lives. I thought it was going to be hard, I thought I was really going to lose my shit. But I do have to admit, I do have my good and bad mom days. But it’s really not that difficult, just very busy and very exciting.

Experiencing having a newborn again is amazing. Kor fits right in to our family, like she belongs here, it’s hard to imagine life with out her now.

Seeing Jo and Kor interact with each other makes me so proud as a mom!

Jovie sometimes is very jealous, but she is learning to be more gentle, caring, and helpful. I try to involve Jo with everything I am doing so she doesn’t feel left out, and that has been helping her also to be more of a caring big sister.

Kor loves staring at Jo as she talks, dances, and runs around the house, Kor even smiles at Jo more than she smiles at me. Kor is such a good baby. We’re so happy we get to see these two girls grow together, and relive childhood again through their eyes.

I have been stealing so many kisses and cuddles with Kor, I’ve kind of been smothering her lol. I know she is going to grow up fast just like Jovie did. Just looking at this 5 week old nugget always reminds me so much of the days when Jo was a baby, and I missed Jo as a baby so much! It is crazy that I’m now reliving those memories of Jo because of Kor, and it is amazing! I have learned to cherish every moment with my two girls.

Jack is such a good girl daddy. We always discuss about positively guiding them and being there for them as parents, so they can be the best they can be and have bright futures. We talk about teaching them to drive, encouraging them to take school serious, and think about how to deal with those rebellious teenager years they might put us through lol. He also reminds them of no dating until 30 lol.

As some of you know, Jack is a very busy man. This guy never settles for anything, and is always finding ways to improve/challenge himself. But when he comes home, it is all about the girls. Those three hang out in the evenings while I cook, clean, do errands, or just have some me time. These girls have an amazing dad. He’s very quick to love and spoil these girls and give them nothing but the best!

As for me, everyday I am so grateful for my little family. I have been taking it easy these past 5-6 weeks, but I am starting the Kayla Itsines BBG program this Monday!!! So I have been planning my meals, making sure I have the right workout clothes and shoes, getting the home gym ready, and figuring out the best time to workout with my two girls around their schedule. I’ll post more details about it later, or share more on my Insta (that I have been neglecting lol).

So there you have it, life with our two little girls is pretty busy but absolutely exciting. I feel so lucky.

Thank you all for reading! xoxo



Korinne’s Birth Story 

As I “try” to type, I am holding her, looking at her dark grey eyes and tiny little hands in awe, she is just so so precious! I cannot believe she is already here. And I don’t know why, but I was so nervous to meet her. She is absolute perfection! Pure magic.

Korinne Noelle decided to make her debut 5 days past her due date, on Saturday March 18th at 9:28pm, weighing 7lbs 13oz, and 20 inches long! She is now 17 days old and that kind of makes me sad, I want her to stay tiny forever.

I wanted to avoid an induction as much as possible since it is a lengthy and a pain in the ass process, but I knew if Korinne didn’t come out in time, I would have to get induced at 41 weeks. So I did everything we can to start labor naturally, but nothing was working! I really thought this baby just didn’t want to come out, and that I was just going to get induced.


FullSizeRender 2

Okay, let me get to the story.

Two days before my induction, on Saturday March 18, I woke up at around 5am with menstrual like cramping, they were coming in waves at about every 10 minutes. I had a feeling labor was imminent, but I didn’t think anything of it, so I just fell back asleep.

Woke up a few hours later at 8am, and felt small painless contractions. Definitely not the usual Braxton Hick contractions I have been feeling, these were actual contractions that were starting.

I downloaded a contraction tracker app on my phone to track the contractions. I laid in bed tracking them for about 1 hour, and they were coming every 9-11 minutes. I got so excited that maybe today may be the day! And I was praying that they would come stronger and closer together (I know, crazy huh?) I was hoping that it wasn’t a false alarm or that they wouldn’t disappear on me.

It is now 11am and I told Jack that I was experiencing contractions. And he kind of freaked out. I kid you not, he rushed to shower, he got dressed in 1 minute, and packed his stuff so fast! Ready to leave for the hospital lol! I told him that we still have time, maybe hours until the baby comes and to calm his butt down lol. We weren’t leaving until these contractions were 5-6 minutes apart. So I took my time to shower and got ready (while Jack waited).

About an hour later, while I was trying to do my makeup, my contractions were getting uncomfortable. What’s weird is they were coming every 2-3 minutes. I thought to myself, “why are they so close together?” I assumed things were progressing fast. So I quickly finished to get ready, and we were off to the hospital at around 2:45pm.

We did grab some food on the way…McDonalds! I have the worst cravings for their chicken nuggets lol. I ate a tiny bit because I wouldn’t know when my next meal would be or how long I will be in labor for.

By now my contractions were back to being more separated, coming every 5-6 minutes, and I couldn’t talk through them, they were getting pretty strong. But as long as I focused on my breathing, they were bearable. I kept telling Jack to slow down while driving because every bump on the road made the contractions that much harder to breath through.

We finally got to the hospital at 3:30pm. The nurse checked me and I was almost 4 cm dilated. The nurse was even impressed with my breathing and how calm I was, but that eventually didn’t last lol.

FullSizeRender 16

FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 5

During the next couple of hours, I relaxed in bed, watched tv, and walked around the hallways for a bit while pausing with every contraction that hit. The contractions were getting stronger, and getting painful.

FullSizeRender 4

By 6pm the contractions came hard. It is very difficult to describe them. They felt like really bad menstrual cramps, lower back pain, felt like you were going to have diarrhea, it’s hard to breath like your lungs are being squeezed, stomach tightening, jitters, and lots of pressure to push…Imagine feeling this every few minutes.

FullSizeRender 3

I was trying to go as long as I can without an epidural, but I just couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I kept telling Jack, “I can’t do this, I cannot!” I was in tears, hysterically crying, begging for an epidural! My body felt cold and I was starting to get the shakes, I was trying not to freak out.

The anesthesiologists took about 30 minutes to come, which I couldn’t help it but was so angry about! Those 30 minutes felt like forever! So by 6:30pm I was 7cm dilated and got the epidural. The epidural numb my left side more than my right side, but I was okay on pain relief. I also used the lowest amount of pain relief from the epidural so I wouldn’t strain too much while pushing.

By 7:30pm, I felt a warm pop! So I asked Jack to check if my water broke. He looked under my blanket and yelled, “OH!! OH! YUP! YOUR WATER BROKE!” Lol. He said it was a lot of fluid, all over the bed. Jack also had myself and the nurse laughing throughout my whole labor, he’s so funny. But one thing that wasn’t funny to me: he was so into the Warriors basketball game when it was almost time for me to push, I had to tell him to close the laptop!!! 🙂

FullSizeRender 10

We rested some more. Then finally at around 9:20pm, my Dr came in and said I was ready to push. I couldn’t believe we were about to meet our second little girl. After pushing for only a few minutes, Korinne Noelle was born at 9:28pm.


Korinne started crying right away, a beautiful cry, and I looked at Jack and smiled. Jack video recorded that moment and I just LOVE watching it, I love listening to her first cry. We were so happy, so in love!

FullSizeRender 6

They cleaned her up and gave her to me for skin to skin, and she latched on to me amazingly. She is so prefect, and so beautiful. She was having heart murmurs, but the pediatric cardiologists said her heart regulated itself, so no worries. We are happy to have created two healthy beautiful girls. Getting to experience labor and delivery again for the second time is truly a blessing.

FullSizeRender 7

We also picked her name last minute. We literally agreed on her name the day before. We went through so many names, it’s not even funny, very stressful. But we love the name we chose for her.

FullSizeRender 15

I got a small 2nd degree tear, but other than that, I couldn’t be more happy with my labor and delivery experience. And I couldn’t wait for her big sister Jovie to meet her.

FullSizeRender 8

The labor and delivery experience was just half of my hospital stay, I still had a minor surgery procedure to go through. I planned with my Dr to get my tubes tide after delivery, but after talking with my Dr, some friends, and doing research…I decided last minute that I wanted to get my tubes completely removed. So the next morning, at 9am, went through the 30 minute procedure (absolutely terrified but survived), spent 2 hrs in recovery, then back in my room with Jack and Korinne.

It’s a bittersweet decision, but when you know you are done, you just know. We got discharged a few hours later, not even 24 hrs in the hospital. A very quick hospital stay and we were on our way home to enjoy our family of four.

The recovery from surgery was worst than postpartum recovery. Jack had to help me in and out of bed for 4 days. The first week I was in a lot of pain, felt like I got hit by a train, but in the second week, I overall felt pretty good.

Jovie is back home and loves her, “baby sister!” Korinne even got Jo a gift basket full of books, candy, and a Minnie Mouse shirt (just so Jovie wouldn’t feel too jealous or left out). We had a house full of family visiting this past weekend, I am back to my usual routine (was getting so sick of ordering take out every night, gag!) and taking care of two kids is really not hard…busy, but not difficult.

FullSizeRender 14

FullSizeRender 11

And we are LOVING having a newborn in the house. She brings us so much more joy, we laugh more, we are all just so happy with this little nugget. And she is such a good sleeper and eater. Jacks been so helpful, I’m not sleep deprived, it’s just been overall amazing! It’s true when they say second babies are easier, you are like an expert. Jo has been so helpful with her too. FullSizeRender 17

Jack went back to work this week which is a bummer, but I got a hold of things with these two girls while he is gone.

FullSizeRender 13

Hope you all enjoyed reading Korinne’s birth story and my labor experience.

FullSizeRender 12

Thanks for reading! xoxo


Third Trimester Update (week 38.3)


My last and final pregnancy update.

It is 11pm here in California, the house is quiet, I am sitting in my living room in my pink robe, eating a cup o noodle with extra hot sauce and lime…(oh cravings).

I finally got a chance to sit down and blog for a bit. Jack and I have been super busy with life. But now that things are falling into place, and Jovie is settled with her grandparents until baby arrives, I get to have some me time. The calm before the storm.

My due date is March 13, but I have a feeling this baby will arrive sooner. As I write this, I am feeling minor contractions…uncomfortable, but a good sign. I had a Drs appointment today, and my body is officially making progress, I am 1 cm dilated (woo hoo)!

Here you can read my First Trimester Update and Second Trimester Update.

Ultrasound Update:

In my last update, I mentioned that my Dr had noticed some minor concerns with my 20 week ultrasound scan. One of them being that my uterus was lower than usual, and another being that baby jelly bean had some fluid in her kidney. I was a emotional mess after hearing these things from my Dr, I felt like my mind was going to explode. He reassured to me that they were very minor, that they may go away on its own, and it’s really nothing to worry about. But how can you not worry about your unborn child after hearing things like this when you are pregnant and hormonal!

I had a follow up ultrasound scan 8 weeks later to see if these minor issues had resolved itself or if it had gotten worse (can you imagine waiting 8 weeks?) But I did get good news! My uterus was fine, and baby jelly beans kidneys were normal. I was so relieved! I sighed, “oh thank you lord Jesus!” I was so thankful. That was a scary experience that I am happy to leave behind me.

How I am feeling:

For the most part, I feel great. Just very fatigued and limited mobility.

Normally, if I drop something on the ground, my sweet Jovie would come running to help mama pick it up. I don’t even ask her, she just knows and is very helpful like that. But now that she is not here for a couple of weeks, I just leave it and wait for Jack to pick it up, ha!

This fatigue is something else, I really could sleep all day! But other than that, no hunger pains, no heart burn, no morning sickness, I am getting a lot of rest, blood pressure is good, nothing too crazy with my health. Since my health is good, I am just waiting for baby to naturally come whenever she is ready. I DO NOT want to get induced! *fingers crossed* Induction is such a pain, here is Jovie’s Birth Story to read about my induction due to preeclampsia.

Weight Gain:

I have gained a total of 52 pounds! I was hoping since this is my second pregnancy, that I wouldn’t gain as much. But who am I kidding, each pregnancy is unpredictable, and I love to eat! I really enjoyed myself this pregnancy, but I am ready to get back into Paleo and hit our gym with my two girls.

Baby Name:

We have yet to decide on a name. We are between two names. So I think our plan here is to wait and see our little girl for the first time, and decide which name fits her best! This will be exciting.

Final Thoughts Before Our Lives Change Again Forever:

I asked Jack if he is nervous to experience this labor and delivery scene with me one more time (the first time I wasn’t very friendly). But he doesn’t seem too concern, more impatient if anything. He is one very busy and impatient man I tell you. Always on top of his grind non-stop.

One day, we were comparing newborn diapers to Jovie’s size 5 diapers, and we just couldn’t stop laughing at how tiny the newborn diapers are. We just can’t believe we are going to have another little nugget in this house again, we are so excited!

I am not so nervous about giving birth. But it still blows my mind that I am pregnant. Like, is this for real? Is this real life? And I still cant believe that I am about to give birth again for the second time! This pregnancy seriously just flew by.

I sometimes look at my belly in the mirror and think to myself, life works in mysterious ways. I remember having this conversation with Jack about when it would be a good time to start for another baby, then one week later, I find out I am 6 weeks pregnant! Definite shocker, but we couldn’t be more happy.

I also think about my sweet Jovie, about how this will affect her, how she will react to this new change. I know she is still too young to understand exactly what is going on. But I keep telling myself that she is so blessed to be gaining a sister, a built in forever best friend. The plan was never to make Jo an only child, we wanted her to have a sibling. At the end of the day, family is everything. So that makes us very happy that they will have each other. At two years apart, she is going to make a great big sister. Our goal is to raise two strong, smart, and independent girls to conquer this world.

Now, I am more so preparing for postpartum recovering. Baby has everything she needs, and I need to make sure I have everything I need, so I don’t end up a emotional mess like the first time. Postpartum recovery is tough.

Hospital bags are packed, carseat is ready, and we are as ready as can be to have this baby. xoxo


Happy 2nd Birthday Jo! + 12 Things I love about her right now

dsc02771Hello readers!

February 12 was a very special day ♡ My little girl turns the big 2! I cannot believe it! I remember the day she turned 1 like it was yesterday, where has the year gone? No matter how old she gets, she will always be my little 6lb 11oz baby! Since Jo is born on the 12th of February, I decided to write 12 things I love about her right now!

  1. When I walk into the room, she looks at me and says, “Hi boo!”
  2. Her favorite fruit is apples, I can never keep them in the house!
  3. She is a fashionista! She loves to pick out her own outfits!
  4. She loves to be helpful, especially since mama can’t pick up anything from the floor anymore (Pregnant people problems).
  5. Bath time is her favorite time of day!
  6. She is becoming a little clean freak (like daddy!)
  7. Whenever we are out in public, she likes to say Hi and Bye to everyone.
  8. Her eyes light up whenever we say the word, “playground.”
  9. She has a genuine love for all animals! I think her favorite animal are cats right now.
  10. She is scared of all things insects, especially spiders! Just like mama.
  11. I love how she calls broccoli, “green candy” whoops!
  12. She loves to laugh, dance, and soaks up knowledge like a sponge!

Thank you all for reading as always, everyone have a great day! xoxo